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The Muskogee Castle: ‘Your Gateway to Another World’

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MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA -- This building doesn't look much like the old Muskogee Elks Lodge, but Matt Hiller insists it's in here somewhere.

"That's one great thing about working in a castle," he smiles.

Maybe it's somewhere in this maze or beneath this table set for a spooky Halloween feast.

"The cook in here is always looking for extra parts to put in the stew," jokes Matt.

It's been a couple of decades since the Hillers moved their fireworks superstore to this location.

"Somebody decided to tear open a back panel," says Hiller. "So we decided we needed to reinforce that so we started putting up cement blocks up around that building and the blocks just kept growing."

It took a break in to get the ideas moving.

One block wall became turrets, then gargoyles, then a whole castle.

"Twenty thousand blocks later," laughs Matt.

The Muskogee Castle started off with a little Renaissance Fair one weekend then a little Halloween party another weekend.

They kept building on.

Walk around now and it's a whole Medieval town which, this time of year, is populated with spooky mazes, Trails of Blood, and a nasty zombie infestation.

"It happens every year around Halloween," he says.

Matt says his dad Jeff came up with most of the ideas.

he and a growing number of people in town built them and staffed them.

The Renaissance Fair runs five weeks in May now.

The Halloween Festival runs at least five weeks in the Fall.

Matt estimates, "On a busy weekend we'll have eight to ten thousand people."

There are ten different Halloween attractions at the Castle now from haunted houses to non-scary attractions for little kids.

It takes a village to staff it because it is a village.

"Our slogan is, 'It's your gateway to another world'," says Hiller.

In here your world is whatever you want it to be.

The Muskogee Castle Halloween Festival runs through this weekend.

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