“I thought they was gonna kill him,” Father speaks out after son with special needs is allegedly beaten by DPS troopers

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. – A family wants answers after they say their intellectually disabled son was beaten by DPS troopers.

The alleged incident happened Saturday. Marvin Beck says he thought his son was going to die.

“Scared me. I thought they was gonna kill him. They had their guns drawn, I thought they was gonna kill him. It scared the devil out of me," he said.

Beck’s 44-year-old son, Shawn, was out on his ATV on a nearby county road.

“Every year Shawn goes out and he cuts grape vines and he makes wreaths for Christmas and he gives them to his neighbors and people,” his father said.

But Beck says Oklahoma Highway Patrol was on a chase along Highway 270 when deputies turned to follow the suspect down the road near his home.

“They was in pursuit of an SUV, a black SUV. Somehow, the pursuit got down to where Shawn was," Beck said.

Beck says when troopers confronted his son, they may have been aggressive. He says his son only knows how to respond to that behavior by defending himself.

“The next thing I know, there’s four highway patrol up here. The highway patrol was out in my yard with AR-15s pulled, pistols drawn, pointing at Shawn and Shawn comes running in the house crying," said Beck.

He says the troopers then came inside.

“He said he’s going to jail and I said, ‘For what?’ And the next thing I know, he doubled up his fist, knocked Shawn down, hit him in the mouth, hit him in the eye, hit him in the back," Beck said.

Highway patrol says they are aware of the incident and are investigating. They will be looking at dashcam video to help figure out exactly what happened.

But Beck says he wants law enforcement to have more training to handle people with disabilities. He also says his son is traumatized.

“He trusts nobody in a uniform because he knows they’ve been mean to him," he said.