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Report: New buyer plans renovations for Classen Circle property

Property near NW 45th and Classen Circle.

OKLAHOMA CITY  – The new buyer of the Classen Circle property is planning to renovate the area, a new report states.

Earlier this year, Braum’s submitted a rezoning application for a parcel of land near N.W. 50th St. and Classen Circle. A familiar area to drivers and residents with many saying they don’t want to see it go.

The fast food restaurant wanted to build a new location at the site of the Donnay Building.

The application asked the planning commission to rezone six lots from residential to commercial. A conceptual site plan showed buildings on the block would be destroyed and made into a parking lot for a new Braum’s restaurant and store.

A parking lot would’ve occupied the space where the well-known Hilo Club, Classen Grill and others now stand.

Protesters said they wanted to see the area preserved and they didn’t want the traffic that comes with having a restaurant so close to homes and schools.

After receiving a lot of backlash from residents, Braum’s withdrew its rezoning application for Classen Circle.

Now, KFOR’s partners at OKCTalk report that a new local buyer hopes to save and renovate the structure.

In an exclusive interview with OKCTalk, Josh Thomas confirmed that he placed the property under contract earlier this week.

Thomas told OKCTalk he cares about Oklahoma City’s historic structures and that he plans to perform a larger scale renovation while hopefully retaining the current tenants.

Right now, Thomas has 30 days to determine the extent of any needed repairs and then will have the option of proceeding with the purchase.

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