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What’s next for Classen Circle property with new buyer?

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new buyer has the Donnay building under contract, now that Braum’s has withdrawn its plans.

Investor Josh Thomas approached the owners and is in the process of inspecting the building.

His plans don’t include demolition of the site.

“Keep it like it is, and keep on keeping on,” said loyal patron “Sportster” Bob Oday.

According to News 4 partner, Thomas has a passion for locally owned independent businesses and the city’s historic structures.

He said he wants to repair and renovate the building and hopefully retain the businesses inside, including the Drunken Fry and the HiLo Club.

Back in July, the community was shocked by plans to raze the building and replace it with a Braum’s.

“We’ve all been saying since even when I was working at the Drunken Fry, what this place really needs is someone who cares that will come in who has the ability to do so and will renovate," said longtime HiLo patron Ash Carreno.

Following public outcry and a failure to secure zoning approval, Braum’s withdrew it’s zoning application with the city and ended the contract to buy the property.

Now, those who love the building are hoping the new buyer can save it.

“The building itself is quite unique, and there’s nothing else like it in the city,” Carreno said. “It needs to stay here.”​