Homecoming queen’s picture changed by school district

CHANNELVIEW, Texas - A high school student in Texas says she was shocked when she realized that district officials had Photoshopped her picture from the school's homecoming game.

Recently, Ebony Smith was named homecoming queen of North Shore Senior High School.

When the announcement was made on the school district's website, she noticed something  wasn't quite right.

Smith's hair is dyed purple, but the photo posted on the district's website from the homecoming game showed that her hair had been turned brown.

According to KIAH, Smith's mother contacted the school district. After that, the district changed the photo to a black and white image.

Administrators said in a statement, "The error was immediately corrected, and our district sincerely apologizes to the student affected and her parents."

KIAH reports that purple hair is in violation of the district's dress code, but the rule is rarely enforced. In fact, Smith's photo with her purple locks had even been posted around the school on banners in the past.