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Oklahoma man comes face-to-face with bobcat inside building’s bathroom

SAPULPA, Okla. – Darren Sumner says he was still half asleep when he got to work on Friday morning.

When he went into the back bathroom at the Sapulpa Herald newspaper, Sumner says he received a rude wake up call.

He tells KJRH that he was stunned when he came face-to-face with a wild bobcat.

Sumner says that he thinks the bobcat was likely living in a nearby building, but its space was disturbed, causing it to seek shelter in a new spot.

He says he thinks the animal got through the building’s loading garage.

“We leave it up most of the time. We bring inserts and stuff in the back of the newspaper. He probably got in there last night and spent the night in our back bathroom . . . We just shut the bathroom door and kept it trapped in there,” he said.

The feline was trapped in the bathroom for four hours until experts arrived to capture it.

Officials with Oklahoma Wildlife Control captured the bobcat and released him in Pawnee County.