Oklahoma hip hop artist says he was the victim of a scam

LAWTON, Okla. – An Oklahoma musician says he was shocked to find out that his big break was all a lie.

Takeez, an Oklahoma hip hop artist, jumped at the opportunity to open for Jay-Z next month when he was approached by a promoter.

The musician says that he tried to make sure that everything was legitimate before he made the announcement.

He also started a GoFundMe page to raise money to get to Atlanta, where the show is being held.

However, he says he learned that it was all a scam.

Takeez says he was contacted by the legal team for Jay-Z’s company, RocNation, and was informed that this promoter has been scamming several artists.

Immediately, Takeez apologized to fans and took down the GoFundMe account. He says all money donated will be refunded.

“First and foremost, I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone in Lawton that has supported me. Unfortunately, I have been informed by RocNation’s legal team that [another] artist and myself have fallen victim to a scam that has led to litigation. RocNation legal counsel has stated that this promoter has been sought after for sometime. As for all of the support that was shown in monetary form via Gofundme those funds are being rounded up and in the process of being refunded and I ask for your patience. Although I did nothing wrong on my part and attempted to verify all legitimacy of this opportunity I still fell victim. The love and support shown by the city of Lawton means the world to me, and tells me that you all have my back. I feel absolutely terrible and embarrassed that all of this has happened. My deepest apologies to you all; but please know your support and love has helped me a great deal and this ordeal will not stop me from moving forward in my career. Again thank you all,” he posted on Facebook.