Oklahoma homeowner scares off burglary suspect with knife

TULSA, Okla. – Police say an Oklahoma homeowner scared off a would-be burglar, and her neighbor held the alleged suspect until police arrived at the scene.

Investigators told FOX 23 that a man knocked on a door to a home near 11th and Rockford, and decided to make his move when no one answered.

Authorities say the alleged suspect kicked in the door but didn’t realize that the homeowner was inside the house.

The woman grabbed a knife, which caused the alleged suspect to run from the house.

However, he didn’t get far.

Officials say that a neighbor heard the commotion and grabbed Steven Long before he could get away from the scene. The neighbor, who was an off-duty security guard, held Long at gunpoint until police arrived.

Long was arrested on a first-degree burglary complaint.

Steven Long