Teacher who turned to panhandling for school supplies now helping other educators

TULSA, Okla. – As one Oklahoma teacher’s push to get money for school supplies spread across the nation, donations started pouring in.

Teresa Danks is a third grade teacher for Tulsa Public Schools.

As a result of budget cuts over the past few years, Danks says that she now spends between $2,000 to $3,000 of her own money to purchase supplies for her students.

“It all adds up week after week, and month after month,” she said. “So it’s a huge need.”

Danks turned to panhandling to raise money to purchase school supplies for her classroom.

She stood on a street corner near 193rd East Ave. and I-44 with a sign that read, “Teacher needs school supplies! Anything helps. Thank you.”

Danks standing on a street corner, panhandling for school supplies.

After her story spread across the country, thousands of dollars worth of donations poured in.

Danks decided to create the ‘Begging for Education’ fund to help other Oklahoma teachers who are also spending thousands out of their own pocket to help their students.

“I’m trying to give money from one teacher to the next,” Danks told FOX 23.

Last week, Danks presented 20 Oklahoma teachers with $300 gift cards

“It’s wonderful because I don’t have to budget my personal budget to figure out what I can spend out of it to compensate for the things I need for my room,” Ella Niece, a teacher at Foyil Elementary School, said.

Danks says she has also donated some of the funds to Grimes Elementary in Tulsa and Albion Public Schools.