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Oklahoma mother’s viral post is asking Russell Westbrook to visit her premature baby in the NICU

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma mother’s viral Facebook post is asking Russell Westbrook to visit her premature baby in the NICU.

Stacey Tolsma gave birth to baby Noah on Oct. 23rd at 23 weeks and 3 days gestation.

He weighed just 15 oz.

A nurse in the NICU recently asked Stacey if she could give little Noah a Halloween costume.

When she agreed, the nurse brought in an Oklahoma City Thunder shirt with Russell Westbrook’s number on it.

Stacey uploaded a picture of the shirt to Facebook, asking for help getting Westbrook to come visit Noah.

The post has received more than 1,500 shares so far.

“The charge nurse asked me this morning if I’d like Noah to participate in the NICU Halloween board. The nurses make these adorable costumes for the babies in the NICU whose parents agree to it. I excitedly said yes, I’d planned on doing something for him anyway so go for it! She told me that Noah’s main doctor, Dr. Craig Anderson, (the director of the NICU and a great, great man around here) is a HUGE, HUGE fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder. As in the man owns orange jeans! 😂 So, the nurse picked Noah to be Russell Westbrook. 🙌 Dustin secretly wants to be Russell Westbrook so I said, “Perfect! His dad will be so proud!”

I had to smile because that just told me this nurse, who has worked in the NICU for decades, believes in Noah too. She would have never asked if she didn’t. 😉

P.S. Can we make this go viral so Russell Westbrook will come visit Noah?!

Update: I just found out Russell Westbrook’s son’s name is Noah too! Crazy!!!”

A YouCaring page has been set up to help the Tolsma family with medical expenses.



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