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Watch: Oklahoma City police confront masked teen with fake gun

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a scary afternoon for Oklahoma City police back on October 21 when officers were called to one neighborhood on the city's northwest side near 84th and Hudson Avenue.

Residents claimed they saw a man with a gun walking around their homes, and now the Oklahoma City Police Department just released the body camera footage.

“So, you just walking around with a gun for no reason," said an officer. "You had it your hand when we, the officer walked up on you. You about got bullets put in you, you understand that?”

Neighbors said the suspect was looking into windows and walked toward the backyard of at least one house.

One witness told police it looked as though the suspect was searching for a house to break into. Therefore, the witness confronted him and that's when the teen allegedly pulled the fake weapon from his waistband, racked the slide back and pointed at him.

You can hear the officer say “You had it your hand. I saw you put it down when I walked up, right, and so did my camera.”

When the officers appeared on the scene, they said they thought the gun was real.

“Walking around with a fake gun and a mask, you almost got killed,” the officer said.

Even though the gun was fake, it was manipulated to make it look real. Officers asked the suspect, just 15 years old, multiple times why he was carrying a gun and mask, but they said the suspect refused to give them a clear enough explanation.

“You're walking around with a gun, and you're telling me it's not yours so, if put a gun in your face and say it's not mine, that's just cool,” the officer said.

The juvenile was placed into juvenile detention. He was charged with pointing a firearm and a minor in possession of a firearm.

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