“He’s very helpful,” Oklahoma man praised for going above and beyond for others

SHAWNEE, Okla. - When you reach a certain age, it can be easier to take everything with a light heart. It's easier to laugh, easier to joke – you know your time left is what you make of it. And nobody knows that better than George.

"Everybody calls George, and he takes them to the grocery store,” Clarice Stone said. "He helps them get in the car, and if you need furniture moved, just anything you need, George will do it."

The residents at a senior living center in Shawnee know they can always depend on him. They’re family and share everything, including time, help and plenty of laughs. There is no shortage of wit, either.

"Just anything you ask George to do, he'll do...within reason. Unless you want him to go to bed with you. He won't do that," Clarice said, who nominated George for Pay It 4Ward. "But he's very helpful, and his wife is, too, because she puts up with this."

Thanks to the help of First Fidelity Bank, George was surprised with $400.

"It's really a blessing, because the battery in my car went out, and I said, 'I wonder where we're going to get the money for that', but the Lord always provides, but I didn't think he would provide it like this,” George said. "And we're having cataract surgery tomorrow, and this is going to help with that, too."

Always provides - just like George.

"Him and his wife are angels. Angels. Absolutely," said one resident.

George helps others move, helps carry in groceries, takes others to doctor appointments, leads the church singing and even gathers everyone up for bingo.

Is there anything George can’t do?

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.