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Metro woman’s vehicle stolen with wheelchair, equipment inside totaled after high-speed chase 

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – The car at the center of a theft investigation, involving the vehicle and the owner’s wheelchair inside, was totaled following a high-speed pursuit with police.

Victim Maria Goodson said she hadn’t given up hope that the vehicle and her belongings would turn up.

“I just can’t believe someone would do that,” Goodson said.

Her family’s Hyundai Sonata was stolen in early October. Inside of it was Goodson’s wheelchair and the equipment she needs to drive vehicle.

Goodson lost her legs and use of her hand to Meningitis when she was a child.

“I’ve always been independent. If I want to go somewhere, I get in my car and go,” Goodson said. "I can do anything anyone else can, and once it’s taken away from you, they take everything.”

After News 4 first reported on Goodson, several people jumped into action, offering replacement wheelchairs.

“She came from past Shawnee to bring me this chair and I love it. It’s been really great. So, since we don’t have the car, we have to walk to pick up my daughter from school, so it’s been really great. It’s been awesome,” Goodson said.

But the good news was quickly followed with bad when an early morning routine traffic stop took a bad turn.

“The driver of the vehicle stopped and as the officer was getting out, the driver of the vehicle took off,” Midwest City Police Capt. Jonathan Goforth said.

Officers chased the car, running through stop signs, through residential neighborhoods, until it crashed into a tree down a dead end road.

The vehicle was totaled.

“The suspect, the driver of the vehicle jumped out of the car and took off running,” Capt. Goforth said.

But, he was caught.

Now, the driver, Kevin Fisher, faces several charges including receiving stolen property, eluding a police officer, possession of a controlled substance, possession of stolen property, altering a plate decal, improper turn, driving under suspension, and he had a warrant for his arrest.

“Even though I knew the car was totaled, I was hoping we’d get there and find my hand controls in there but they were gone,” Goodson said of the $2,000 equipment that allows her to drive a vehicle without legs.

Now, she’s left without the pricey controls or a vehicle to put them in.

“I’ve always been independent, and when I can’t be myself, it’s hard,” she said.

Goodson’s family has set up a gofundme account to help raise money to replace what was stolen.​