Neighbor comes to Oklahoma City woman’s rescue after she was shot; suspect on the loose

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A neighbor came to a woman’s rescue after she was shot on the city’s northwest side, and police are still searching for the suspect.

According to police, around 8:45 a.m. Thursday, the woman was shot in the 1500 block of N.W. 45th.

"It all happened pretty fast. The only thing I remember doing is keeping her awake,” Veronica DeLao, the neighbor, told News 4.

DeLao said it’s the last thing she expected to wake up to. She woke up to her brother-in-law on her porch with the woman covered in blood.

"I was like 'What's going on? Who is that?' He was like 'This lady, she has a bullet wound to her chest,'” DeLao said.

They called 911, but the victim was quickly fading.

"I was like 'Stay with me, sweetie, open your eyes. They're almost here. Keep them open. Can I ask who shot you?'” DeLao said. “She said 'My husband.'”

DeLao, in shock, said she did everything she could to keep the woman awake.

"She was bleeding, and I was trying to keep her up because she kept dozing off and I was on the phone with the 911 people like 'I need an ambulance or I need somebody,'” DeLao said.

Help arrived, and the victim is stable.

As for the suspect, he led police on a lengthy search. They had Air One up in the air and almost the whole block covered in crime scene tape.

"She gave some information that it might be domestic related. So, we're waiting on investigators to come out. We have an officer at the hospital trying to gather information from her,” said Lt. Michelle Henderson at the scene.

Police just might have DeLao to thank for that.

"I was telling my brother, 'Well, get a towel to keep pressure on her wound' and stuff,” DeLao said. "It scared me honestly. I'm still going like, you know, freaked out honestly. Because, usually, nothing happens here.”

So far, no arrests have been made.

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