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Repairs begin at metro school after truck crashes into building at 60-plus mph

OKLAHOMA CITY -- It was around 7:30 p.m. Thursday when witnesses say a truck came hauling down S.W 26th., through Tulsa Ave., and then into Pierce Elementary at 60-plus mph.

Morris Koonce heard the commotion from his bedroom window and immediately checked his home surveillance.

“I watched the video and I seen him go by. What did it show? Him speeding down here. He didn't stop, didn't slow down," he said.

That truck pierced the brick wall, sailed through the classroom and into the school hallway.

“It brought me to tears to see the actual destruction that took place to the classroom and the hallways. It was quite shocking," said Principal Paula Pluess.

The district was forced close the school Friday and due to unsafe conditions, depriving the 280 kids of an education. And, because it is a low-income school, many kids receive their only meal of the day there.

Fortunately, OKCPS has a new food truck for just such emergencies. 40 children were given sandwiches, vegetables and other snacks.

As crews piece the elementary school back together, investigators are piecing together a possible motive.

Police say the man had some sort of "mental crisis" and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Crews have been working since shortly after the crash to fix the building.

Classes are expected to resume Monday morning.