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Young athletes from Oklahoma, Texas compete in Wheelchair Basketball Regional Championship

EDMOND, Okla. – More than one hundred young athletes competed in the wheelchair basketball regional championship on Saturday.

The tournament was held at the University of Central Oklahoma and athletes from both the sooner state and Texas came to compete.

“The kids go through drills, and drills, and drills and drills until it gets pounded in their head,” said organizer and coach Brian Gibson.

For mom Amanda Gellenback, her sons, Malachai and Joshuah, have found their passion.

“Schools don’t offer sports for him and we’ve learned that schools don’t offer sports for Joshua either due to they can’t do what other kids can do,” she said. “They love basketball. They love the kids they play with and they love the organization.”

Organized by the Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association, after competing in the regionals, the winning teams will move onto the national tournament. But for many of them, it’s more than just basketball.

“Show people that if they’re in a chair, they can do the same thing that other people can do. Play basketball,” said 11-year-old Malachai Heger.