Deer blind or grandkids hideout: The Morris tree house is built for both

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NORMAN, Okla. - The Morris family has a new upstairs addition to their 10-acre spread in rural Norman.

"I think it's fabulous," said Ken Morris.

But, it isn't attached to the house.

They anchored it firmly, 15 feet off the ground in a big white oak tree out back.

"It's about 100 square feet now," he said. "I didn't want to go to all the trouble and just have a little box up. I wanted to make it so it would be comfortable."

Morris had the idea tucked away for a long time.

"I always wanted a tree house," he admitted.

It came up again while he was watching one of those tree house shows on cable TV.

"I can do that. We can build this tree house," he recalled.

He asked his wife if she'd help him out.

"Donna," he turned, "you want to help me build this tree house? She said 'Sure'."

And, together, they built their own tidy little tree house for their grandkids to play in.

"I thought it would be a little tree house, but it kept getting bigger," Donna laughed.

Sure, the kids are still kind of small for now, but both Ken and Donna like going up there too.

"We like to go up there in the evening, and have an adult beverage and watch for the deer to come in," she said.

Ken is also an avid deer hunter.

He has a blind already set up for black powder season and a tree stand.

But, he admits the occasion might just come up where he can get a clear shot from a more comfortable perch.

The Morris's don't call the place the KDR for nothing.

Ken said it stands for "Kenny's Deer Ranch."

"And, I will probably hunt from up here this winter," he said.

The tree house itself is a cozy 100 square feet, full of coloring books and crayons, a radio, lots of windows to keep the place cool in summer and, in the Fall, to keep an eye on the place for more antlers down below.

Ken and Donna built their tree house for comfort. Both floor and ceiling are insulated.

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