News 4 Exclusive: Did Darci Lynne ever buy her mom that dishwasher?

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LAS VEGAS - Oklahoma ventriloquism sensation Darci Lynne Farmer opened her Vegas show over the weekend.

The teenage talent won the hit NBC show America's Got Talent over the summer and scored a $1 million prize along with a chance to headline her own show in Vegas.

The Farmer family invited News 4 to join Darci in Vegas as she prepared for her live show.

Vegas is a dream come true for Darci.

Darci Lynne isn't just headlining the show - she's hosting it.

It's a two-hour long spectacular featuring four different acts from America's Got Talent, season 12.

"She's doing six voices, five genres of music and putting it all together. There's no scripts and no teleprompter. It's all here (in her head) and ad-libbed off the cuff," said Darci's mom, Misty Farmer. "So, that's huge for a 13-year-old."

Darci had a big birthday last month. She turned 13 years old (she was only 12 years old when she won AGT).

She's spent about a week in Vegas getting herself and her adorable puppets ready for the show.

"We're practically twins," Darci said of her rabbit puppet, Petunia. "We think the same. She sings, and I sing. Sometimes, she's shy and, sometimes, I'm shy. So, she's like a clone." 

Petunia nods in agreement.

The duo was 550 feet up on the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, The Vegas High Roller, when the Farmer family got the news about her Oklahoma City show sell-out.

Darci is scheduled to perform on December 16 at The Critterion in downtown Oklahoma City.

The show sold out in six minutes.

"That's insane," Darci said. "All I can say about that is it's insane. That's literally insane. I don't know how people love me that much."

In Vegas, the show is full of surprises: retired puppets making a comeback, Darci sings opera for the first time and another first - a solo where Darci sings with her mouth open.

"I was nervous at first," Darci said. "But, once I got on stage, I was like 'I got this. I think the crowd likes me.'"

Vegas loves Darci.

But, don't be fooled, her heart is still in Oklahoma.

The truth is Darci misses school - not the homework, but definitely her friends.

"Because school's where I can be like a normal kid," Darci said. "Then, I come out here to Vegas and do my thing then back to school."

She keeps in touch with her seventh-grade besties from Deer Creek Middle School on Snapchat and group text.

"School has been awesome for Darci because that's been her safe place. It's her place to be just regular old Darci," Misty said. "Then, she can come (to Vegas) and be superstar, celebrity Darci. It's been important for her to have that balance between regular Darci and superstar, celebrity Darci."

It's been more than two months since Darci won that $1 million jackpot.

When she won, she told the world she wanted to spend her million bucks on a dishwasher for her mom and getting a pug.

So far, they have not reached an agreement on that.

"She has to wash dishes at home," Misty said. "She's not above chores. We have a family of six, and we all have to do our part."

"You know, we were thinking like a trade-off where I get her a dishwasher and she gets me a pug," Darci laughed.

"I don't know when I'll get that dishwasher. I guess I have to agree to a pug first," Misty laughed. "The funny thing is I haven't been home enough to worry about a dishwasher."

Fans traveled from coast to coast to see Darci Lynne live on the Vegas stage.

Darci's Vegas show began with her golden buzzer charmer, lovable bunny Petunia.

Then, she threw it back a little with a puppet who hasn't been on stage in months.

The crowd went wild for the yodeling of Cowgirl Katie.

 The techno-dancers from Light Balance were spectacular. Comedian Preacher Lawson was hilarious. The show ends with a duet between Darci and her runner-up friend, Angelica Hale.

"Well, it's definitely an honor to sing with this child prodigy," Darci said.

The last time they shared a stage together both describe the final moments as pure torture.

"Oh my gosh, it was torture up there," Hale said. "I was literally bawling my eyes out. I couldn't take it. I couldn't take the heat. It was like melting my body off."

Next up for Darci Lynne is the homecoming performance in Oklahoma City.

"Home is home. There's no place like Oklahoma," Misty said. "The support our state has given Darci has been tremendous. That has been very heartfelt. We want everyone to know how much it has meant to our family, and we don't plan on leaving Oklahoma."

America's Got Talent auditions are underway right now.

Go to for more information about auditioning for the show.

Darci Lynne remembers driving to Austin, Texas for her audition.

Hale drove from Atlanta, Georgia to North Carolina for her audition last year.

If you're thinking about making a trip to audition, Darci has this advice: "Make the drive."

Audition cities include:

  • Orlando, FL - Orange County Convention Center (Nov 5)
  • Cincinnati, OH - Duke Energy Convention Center (Nov 14)
  • Savannah, GA - Savannah International Trade & Convention Center (Nov 19)
  • Milwaukee, WI - Potawatomi Hotel & Casino (Dec 3)
  • Houston, TX - George R. Brown Convention Center (Dec 9)
  • Las Vegas, NV - Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino (Dec 13)
  • New York, NY - Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (Dec 17)
  • Nashville, TN - Music City Music Center (Jan 13)
  • San Jose, CA - The San Jose McEnery Convention Center (Jan 19)
  • Los Angeles, CA - Pasadena Convention Center (Feb 3)
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