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“I had a feeling I was being followed,” Metro woman describes moment wanted suspect robbed her

OKLAHOMA CITY - Pamela Mercer is still shaken up after getting her purse snatched right off her arm.

She said it happened last Thursday while she was walking home from an ATM around 11 p.m. Mercer said a man was following her home.

“He stopped me at the driveway there to the apartment and asked me if I had a dollar, and I said, no, I don't,” Mercer said.

However, the suspect wanted more than a dollar; he wanted everything inside her purse.

“I had a feeling I was being followed, so I sped up by walking. Next thing I know, he jumps me and takes my purse, drags me to the ground,” Mercer said.

Surveillance video captured the terrifying moment outside Mercer’s apartment complex near Walker and I-240.

“When I saw him on the camera, I flipped. I sat there and started shaking,” she said.

Mercer said she tried hard to keep hold of her purse but the suspect overpowered her.

“I was laying there hollering help, help me,” Mercer said.

After several tearful pleas, a neighbor came out and called police.

Mercer suffers from spinal stenosis and a heart condition making it hard for her to walk. Now, the medicines that keep her alive and the $38 in her purse is all gone and the suspect is still on the loose.

“He's got my address, because my electric bill was in my purse plus all my other stuff,” she said.

Mercer did say she learned a valuable lesson from the incident.

“I had strict orders from my friends, my kids. If I need anything, I'm to call them. I'm not to walk over there, during the day even. They'll go get it for me,” she said.

Police are asking for help identifying the suspect in the video. If you know anything, you’re urged to contact Crime Stoppers 405-235-7300 or submit a tip online.