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Tower Theatre to show its first movie in 30 years

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Tower Theatre is putting its movie screen back up for a showing of Stanely Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Oddyssey.”

The Tower Theatre hasn’t opened its doors for movies since 1985, it now plans to host two films; “2001: A Space Oddyssey” on Monday, Nov. 13 and “The Fifth Element” on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

“I spent a lot of time considering what films we would show first at the Tower Theatre,” said Stephen Tyler, the Operating Partner in a press release. “I wanted to respect and honor the history of the Tower by picking films that resonate with the times past, present and future.”

Currently, the Tower Theatre is mainly known for being a live music venue, but now plans on offering weekly showtimes moving forward and many fans are excited.

The Theatre first began showing films in 1937 and eventually brought down its movie screen in 1985, with the last showing – a double feature of the film “Night of the Living Dead.”

Movie-goers will enjoy the films from original Tower seats, completely renovated and reupholstered.

“Tower Theatre has a rich history we wanted to include in the movie-going experience,” said Tyler. “We nod to the past with architectural details and original seats, while embracing modern technology with the installation of our 4K projection system.”

Currently, the Theatre council is looking to host many local independent films throughout OKC.

So far, the Tower Theatre also has made plans to show Louis C.K.’s new independent film “I Love You Daddy” on Dec. 1.