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Football team at Rush Springs High School praised for powerful gesture during procession

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla. - On the practice field of the Rush Springs High School football team, football and real life came face-to-face. For one brief moment, a simple and powerful gesture by the team moved an Oklahoma family in a very personal way.

“The football players were out on the practicing field and when they saw our procession they immediately stopped, took their helmets off, and stood at attention," said Mary and Tom Dougherty.

On that day, it wasn't about scoring touchdowns, it was about touching lives.

“These kids are great kids and these are the type of things that we do all the time," said Coach Tim Beard at Rush Springs High School.

“I thought our team felt the same as me. They felt glad for what they did. They felt good about what they did," said Tell Cross, a junior at Rush Springs High School.

“Our whole entire family saw it and they were all just amazed at the respect that those young guys showed," Mary Dougherty said.

The team lined up to show us what they did as the funeral procession passed by the field. Mary Dougherty, whose aunt was being laid to rest, expressed her family’s gratitude in a letter she wrote to the superintendent.

“Dear sir,
I want to say thank you to your football team for the respect they expressed for the funeral procession of my aunt Mary Ruth Bray Parks. What an honorable thing to do! In this day and time and all the disrespectful things happening, it was a very moving experience for our family. Those young men standing there with their helmets off was something we will never forget. How proud all of you must feel to have such gentlemen growing up in Rush Springs. It was the brightest part of our day to see them. It brought much hope to our hearts that we have young men like them in our country. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The football team at Rush Springs High School is just another great example of what's right with our schools.

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