How members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted on failed budget bill

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A funding bill aimed to tackle the state budget crisis failed on the Oklahoma House floor.

The measure, known as House Bill 1054X,  did not reach the necessary votes Wednesday with 71 members voting in support and 27 members against it.

The bill needed 76 votes to pass.

The bill included a $1.50 tax on cigarettes, $0.06 increased tax on gas and diesel, new taxation on low-point beer, plus a 4% gross production tax (‘GPT’) on big oil and gas wells for 36 months.

Here is a list of how members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted on the budget bill.

Yeas (71)


Greg Babinec

Rhonda Baker

Carol Bush

Chad Caldwell

Dennis Casey

Josh Cockroft

Jon Echols

Scott Fetgatter

Roger Ford

Avery Frix

Elise Hall

Katie Henke

Kyle Hilbert

Justin Humphrey

John Paul Jordan

Chris Kannady

Dell Kerbs

Mark Lawson

Mark Lepak

Ryan Martinez

Charles McCall

Randy McDaniel

Kevin McDugle

Marcus McEntire

John Montgomery

Glen Mulready

Casey Murdock

Carl Newton

Jadine Nollan

Charles Ortega

Leslie Osborn

Mike Osborn

Pat Ownbey

Scooter Park

John Pfeiffer

Dustin Roberts

Todd Russ

Mike Sanders

Earl Sears

Zack Taylor

Todd Thomsen

Steve Vaughan

Kevin Wallace

Weldon Watson

Josh West

Tammy West

Rande Worthen

Harold Wright


Forrest Bennett

Meloyde Blancett

Ed Cannaday

Donnie Condit

Mickey Dollens

Jason Dunnington

William Fourkiller

Karen Gaddis

Regina Goodwin

Claudia Griffith

Chuck Hoskin

Ben Loring

Jason Lowe

Matt Meredith

Cyndi Munson

Monroe Nichols

David Perryman

Brian Renegar

Jacob Rosencrants

Johnny Tadlock

Emily Virgin

Collin Walke

George Young

Nays (27)


Kevin Calvey

Bobby Cleveland

Jeff Coody

Dale Derby

Tim Downing

Travis Dunlap

John Enns

Geroge Faught

Tom Gann

Tommy Hardin

Mark McBride

Scott McEachin

Lewis Moore

Jason Murphey

Terry O’Donnell

Mike Ritze

Sean Roberts

Michael Rogers

Chuck Strohm

Tess Teague

Kevin West

Rick West


Scott Inman

Steve Kouplen

Eric Proctor

Shane Stone

Cory Williams

Excused (1)


John Bennett


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