Officials investigating deadly wreck involving semi-truck in Union City

Fatal crash in Union City

UNION CITY, Okla. – Officials are investigating a deadly wreck involving a semi-truck in Union City.

Around 7:25 a.m., Sgt. Adam Taylor was refueling at the Love’s Travel Stop when he heard squealing brakes and a loud crash.

That’s when he saw a white tractor trailer travelling southbound that had just collided with a black pickup.

Sgt. Taylor reported the wreck to dispatch and was on scene within 30 seconds of the collision.

Officers Owens and Hagar responded within one minute and the Union City Fire/Rescue was on scene within two minutes.

Officer Owens and a few witnesses worked to get the driver of the pickup free. Officer Owens monitored the driver’s pulse. When a pulse could no longer be located, the driver was pulled from the vehicle.

Rescue crews then began CPR.

The driver was identified as 89-year-old Donald Taylor of Minco. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The cause of the crash was determined that Taylor was travelling east on SW 59th attempting to cross US 81.

His view was obscured by a semi-truck turning westbound onto SW 59th from southbound US 81 outside lane.

Taylor was then hit by a semi travelling southbound in the inside lane. Speed is not believed to be a factor.

The semi-truck driver had little to no time to react to Taylor’s vehicle entering onto US81.