Update: Students demand refund for shirt order that never got filled

UPDATE 11/16/17 – Our In Your Corner team continues to keep close tabs on a group of students on a mission to get matching tees!

They contacted our team about a Moore printing shop that left a bad taste in their mouths.

Remember, Triple T Printing was slow to fill the order and eventually refunded the women their cash.

That's when we connected them with a second printing shop, "University Silkscreen" in Norman.

Ebony Wisby said, “He kept in touch with me, emailed me daily.”

The tees showed up a week later and they're perfect. 

Now these classmates have something to match.

MOORE, Okla. - Ebony Wisby and Alyssa Swafford just want their cash back at this point.

They, along with their classmates, are going to school to become respiratory therapists and put in an order for custom shirts with Triple T Printing in Moore.

“As a class you have to have a t-shirt, because we have multiple functions we go to throughout the year and half we're in school,” Alyssa said.

They’re also wondering what owner, Joi Tipton, did with their order and cash.

We had questions for Tipton, but found her place locked up tight, even though the sign out front said "open."

We got her on the phone and asked if they were still accepting new business.

She told us she had closed her shop due to what's going on with my husband's health right now. 

We asked her about Ebony and Alyssa's order.

She told us, “They came in and they needed a shirt order done quickly and we said we would do it and then they came in the next day and said, ‘Don't worry about it. We don't need them right now, because our event has been canceled.’”

The students say they gave her a few extra days to get their order right, not a whole two and half weeks.

“It's one thing if you don't have the shirts ready, at least communicate with me and tell me what's going on,” Ebony said. “I understand your husband is in the hospital.”

We pulled up more complaints online from unhappy customers over the years and court documents show the owners keep getting sued.

Former landlord, Sean Harshaw, says he was forced to evict the Tiptons and when he sued them for defaulting on their lease they were a no show at the asset hearing.

“They essentially [were] perpetually defaulting, just the collection process kept getting harder and harder, until they were just not paying rent,” Harshaw said. “All of the sudden they just packed up one day and left.”

Joi Tipton says the reason a judge ruled in Harshaw’s favor was because they couldn’t afford an attorney at the time.

“We went into the court not even realizing we were going into that,” she said.

Tipton says it's been a rough four and half years, ever since a tornado demolished her family's home in Moore.

At the time she was the new owner of a monogram shop and told News 4 the old owner stuck her with an outstanding bill for an order of letter jackets that never got filled! 

She ended up paying for the jackets out of her own pocket.

Now years later, she’s again making good on a promise, this time getting the students their cash.

“As far as I knew it was fine, until it wasn't,” Tipton said. “That's why we decided to just refund their money and they could go elsewhere.”