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Aunt of suspect who led police on chase throughout the metro says she begged him to stop

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Brenton Hager led police on chase

OKLAHOMA CITY — The aunt of a stolen vehicle suspect says she begged him to stop during the hours-long chase.

“I call him just to ask him to see can you just stop? You’re making it worse,” said Ashlee Rodriguez. “Everything you’re going to do…you’re magnifying it and just the stress of…he’s going to be shot.”

Rodriguez’s nephew Brenton Hager was taken into custody Friday after a pursuit which began Friday morning in southwest Oklahoma City.

The chase led officials through the metro for more than two hours.

Police say the vehicle Hager was driving was stolen, reaching high speeds throughout the chase and driving through fields to escape officers.

Rodriguez tells News 4 Hager told her he didn’t want to go to Oklahoma County jail.

“He just said…I been trying to do my best and nobody’s there and I don’t want to go to county,” Rodriguez said. “I said, ‘They’re going to shoot you. They’re going to light you up.’ And he said, ‘That’s what I want.'”

The chase stopped near Indian Hills Road and Penn Ave. where multiple police vehicles were on scene, however Hager would repeatedly drive off and then stop again.

He was eventually caught and put in police custody.