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Police investigating sexual assault allegations against several Oklahoma high school football team members

BIXBY, Okla. – Police are investigating sexual assault allegations against several members of an Oklahoma high school football team.

Bixby police say the allegations involve a minor who was reportedly sexually assaulted by four to five members of the Bixby High School football team.

According to the assistant police chief, the incident was referred to as “hazing.”

Fox 23 spoke with parents at a recent football game where some said they were worried, while others are waiting for more answers.

“It’s very concerning as a parent.” said parent Deidre Epperley. “One of my main concerns is that it sounds like this may have happened several weeks ago and the fact that it’s just coming out now, that’s very concerning to me.”

Police opened the case on Thursday, however the incident may have happened up to three weeks prior.

The district sent this response to Fox 23 about the incident:

“On November 9, 2017, the Bixby Board of Education went into executive session to discuss with its outside independent legal counsel an ongoing investigation involving certain Bixby High School students. Under state and federal laws the District, including its board of education and staff, is precluded from commenting on any facts or information involving any students or employees who may be involved in the investigation. As a result, throughout this investigation the Board and its staff will have no comment on the investigation, including but not limited to the nature and scope of the investigation or the persons or subject matter of the investigation. If, as a result of the investigation, the District takes action, it will do so pursuant to a proper agenda item and in open session. No further comments on this matter will be made by staff or members of the Board at this time.”

Officials are still investigating.