Property, contents of home valued at more than $500,000 considered total loss after fire

OKLAHOMA CITY – A house that caught fire has been considered a total loss by fire officials.

The fire happened near S.W. 106th and Chardonnay Drive at 4:08 p.m. Friday.

Officials say the calling party told fire dispatchers that she had a fire in the garage and she wasn’t sure where her husband was.

Responding firefighters reported visible smoke from more than a mile away.

Once on scene, smoke and flames were reported from the garage of the two-story structure.

Firefighters used foam “to fully control stubborn fire” in the garage due to fuel leaking from a vehicle there.

The Hazardous Materials unit was also dispatched to monitor the fuel and water runoff.

Fire investigators determined that the fire was accidental with the most probable cause being “discarded smoking material in the garage.”

The property was valued at $355,672.

The contents, including vehicles, was valued at $200,000.

The property and contents were considered a total loss as the home suffered extensive fire and smoke damage.

Officials say “a contributing factor to the damage and the quick spreading nature of this fire was that as one of the occupants became aware of the fire in the garage, he opened the overhead garage door to retrieve his garden hose. In addition, it is believed that the door leading from the garage to the inside of the house was also left open. The front door of the home was also open upon arrival.”

It is recommended that as evacuations occur, that all doors are closed behind you as you exit. Keeping doors closed compartmentalizes a fire and slows its growth.

No injuries were reported.

This is the 19th fire of the year attributed to improperly discarded cigarettes.