“I’ll have to go live under a bridge someplace,” Elderly citizens storm state capitol to stop budget cuts

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Elderly citizens rallied Monday at the state capitol, fearing they will be tossed out on the streets.

“If they take Advantage away, I’ll have to go live under a bridge someplace," said 92-year-old Loraine Carter. "I don’t have anybody. Everybody in my family has passed away.”

The Advantage waiver program helps fund housing and other services for the state's elderly and other vulnerable citizens. The program could be cut next month due to the budget crisis.

During Monday's session, the Oklahoma House gaveled in and gaveled out, and no budget was reached.

“I would like for them to care about us seniors," said Ruth Perry. "We have paid our taxes and dues, and we have helped them all grow and live here.”

Many of the people we spoke to were afraid of being homeless, and some even feared for their lives.

“I will be alone, and I have 17 stents in my heart, around my heart," Carter said. “I guess my next stop would be Sunnylane Cemetery because I have, that’s all I’ve got left is that.”

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