Man credits barking dogs with saving his life from fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man and his fiancee are thanking their four-legged friends after their dogs' barking saved them from their burning home.

Oklahoma City fire officials responded just after midnight Monday to the mobile home fire at Burntwood Mobile Park near S.E. 89th Street.

The resident inside, Bryson Harrington, said he and his fiancee were asleep in their bedroom when they heard their dogs, Angel and Hadley, barking.

"I’m thinking they need to use the bathroom, so I open up the door and I saw flames from that way and knew it was time to go. We have a fire extinguisher, but it was too late. I just wasn’t trying to take a chance on anything happening to me or anything, so I just took off outside and called 911," Harrington said.

When fire officials got on the scene, they said a small fire was located inside the home. The fire was quickly extinguished. It was believed to have been started by an unattended candle.

Angel and Hadley were adopted from a local Humane Society earlier this year. Harrington said it's a "miracle" the dogs woke him up.

"When I first opened the door, the T.V. and everything looked perfect. You can see the little flames, it wasn’t very high… just enough where you can see it and smell it, and we got out and moved our vehicles back and called 911. You could see it through the windows, so it lit up really fast," Harrington said.

We're told the home was valued at $20,000 with an estimated loss of $5,000. The contents were valued at $10,000 with an estimated loss of $1,500. Most of the damage was from smoke.

No injuries were reported.

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