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“That’s opening up a bad can of worms,” Reaction mixed to Oklahoma pastor’s actions during truck chase

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's one of the more interesting parts of a three-hour police chase of a stolen truck.

On Friday, a south Oklahoma City pastor was almost hit by the truck. He then got out of his car, drew his concealed fire arm and fired at the tires as the truck drove away.

We contacted Pastor Craig Wright on Monday. When asked what kind of response he had gotten since the incident, he sent us this on Facebook:

"I don’t spend time on Facebook, but I've been told nearly everyone is glad that I took the action that I did. The responses that I have received from family, friends, neighbors, strangers and even law enforcement has been positive. Who knows? I don't put a whole lot of stock in what people think. I just try to do what I sense God wants and rest in that."

Not everyone thinks Wright did the right thing, however.

"It's good to know that anyone with a concealed carry license can watch a chase on TV, and try and stop them and even shoot at them. I thought brandishing a firearm, unless your life was in danger, was pretty much still illegal - conceal and carry or not," Chuck from Edmond told us in an email.

What does the the concealed carry law say? We asked Mike Rust, an NRA-certified concealed carry instructor.

"During the course, as per Oklahoma law, you are allowed to use your fire arm in defense of your life or the lives of your loved ones," Rust said. "Based on the video I have seen, I'm not certain that he was in danger since the gentleman appeared to be driving off."

We also talked to two other concealed carry licensees.

"The man in the truck had endangered many, many lives. I think I would have probably reacted as he did," said Larry Hand from Weatherford. "He was trying to put the vehicle out of commission so he couldn't use it as a weapon. The vehicle is a deadly weapon just like a pistol."

"I think that's not in the perimeters that it was meant for - unless your life is threatened or somebody else's life is being threatened," said Rick Matthys from Cash. "I think that's opening up a bad can of worms on that type of situation."

As of right now, the Cleveland County district attorney is not filing any charges against Wright in the incident.

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