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Avid reader and passionate student looking for a home

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OKLAHOMA -16-year-old Devan is an avid reader. He's read five Harry Potter books in two months.

Now, he's started another one.

"I'm already on page 200 and I got this a few days ago,” he said. "I read everyday."

Devan is in the 11th grade and loves school, especially Math, Science and English.

He has big plans to go to college to learn about 3D animation and coding. He thinks it will help him in his dream to be a book author and movie maker.

"I'm making a book series and I wanted to make a movie series and a game series,” Devan said.

He's a smart and creative teen who is focused on his future.

But right now, he's hoping to find a permanent home, especially a mom and dad he can count on to help him achieve his goals.

"They care about me if I have a problem at school, or if I start work, I can talk to them and they'll listen," he said.

It's been four years since he has had any real home. He has moved from homeless shelters, group homes and foster homes.

A permanent place would be a dream come true.

"For a place to be. For a family to love me," he said.

'A Place to Call Home' is sponsored by NBC Oklahoma.

And you can help foster children this holiday season, by participating in the OK Foster Wishes program.

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