Oklahoma man claims self-defense in fatal shooting

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Travis Michael Leatherwood

KINGFISHER, Okla. – An Oklahoma man is claiming self-defense in a fatal shooting.

Travis Michael Leatherwood, 20, is accused of shooting Arron Smith to death on Oct. 31st.

Leatherwood claims that prior to the shooting, he got into an argument with two men on Facebook, claiming one of the men stole marijuana from him.

Leatherwood told authorities that one of the men said they were willing to come to his house and settle it, according to court documents obtained by the Enid News and Eagle.

He said that the two men showed up to his house about 30 minutes later.

When he saw them pull up to the house, Leatherwood said he grabbed his .22 caliber rifle and two BB gun pistols from his room.

He told officials that he planned to use the BB guns as decoys to get the car to leave.

Leatherwood said Arron Smith then got out of the car and ran to the back door and entered the home.

As Smith approached him, Leatherwood fired his .22 caliber rifle, hitting Smith in the shoulder.

According to the Enid News and Eagle, Smith ran to the car outside and drove away.

He later died from his injuries.

Leatherwood said he immediately told his mother what happened and had her call police.

He was arrested and booked into jail for first-degree murder.

You can read more on the case here.

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