“I still do have hope that one day justice will be done on Earth,” Unsolved horrific crime hits 17-year mark

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - It's been 17 years since a horrific crime in Midwest City: Nancy Helmle Probst murdered.

Her nine-month-old baby was left at the crime scene.

The crime is unsolved to this day but police are still hoping it will be solved with new technology.

Nancy Helmle Probst would have been 50 years old this year. A birthday she'll never have after she was murdered 17 years ago, but her family and the Midwest City Police Department are still holding out hope that they'll find the person responsible.

"She was very loving gal. Very Christian. She loved animals, large animals. Loved horses a lot," Byron Helmle said.

Probst was a country girl from Kansas who eventually moved to Midwest City.

Her life cut short at 32 years old after she was found dead. She was beaten and shot in the head.

Her baby, Lalia, left in a crib in another bedroom.

Her husband Matt Probst called 911 saying he saw his wife's lifeless body through a window.

"It was just such a tragedy when this happened. A nine-month-old girl being left in the house. Her mother being murdered,” Assistant Police Chief for Midwest City Police Department Sid Porter said.

At first, Matt was charged for the murder and spent more than a year in jail before the district attorney's office dropped the charges due to lack of evidence. No one else was ever arrested.

“It's hard after 17 years to still have hope, but I still do have hope that one day justice will be done on Earth,” Byron Helmle said.

The Midwest City Police Department believes new technology could help close this case.

"17 years later, technology allows us to do some other things that we couldn't do then and that includes analyzing other evidence at the scene,” Porter said.

Officials are retesting DNA evidence found at the scene hoping for new leads to bring closure to a family who lost so much.

"For the longest time, I had a hard time with Thanksgiving, Christmas, all of the holidays, and I still have issues with it. It's a sad time. Sad time of the year,” Byron Helmle said.

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