New details: Teens arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting school custodian

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TULSA, Okla. – We’re learning more details after two students allegedly stayed at an Oklahoma middle school after hours and sexually assaulted a female custodian.

Early Tuesday morning, officers with the Tulsa Police Department were called to Edison Middle School after learning that two teenagers were harassing a custodian inside the building.

“This is an ongoing Tulsa Police Department investigation, and Tulsa Public Schools will provide any information or assistance needed. In addition to supporting TPD fully, we are also reviewing all of our security practices to ensure that our schools and buildings are safe spaces for our teachers, students, staff, families, and community members,” a statement from Tulsa Public Schools read.

Now, we’re learning more details about what exactly happened while the students were inside the school.

Officials with the Tulsa Police Department say the 13-year-old boys confronted the custodian when she tried to get away from them.

“One of them grabbed her butt, so then she knew immediately, ‘This is not good, I need to get away from them.’ She calls her supervisor and the phone disconnects because the juveniles take her phone away from her,” Sgt. Jilian Phippen, with the Tulsa Police Department, told KJRH.

Authorities say the boys ultimately gave the custodian her phone back, but touched her breasts. At that point, the custodian called her supervisor again, who called police.

Investigators say the two boys were arrested.

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