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Oklahoma grandmother arrested after her grandson ingests PCP

OKLAHOMA CITY - Neighbors describe a chaotic scene outside an apartment near N.W. 10th and Rockwell on Friday afternoon.

"First, we heard screaming," said Amari Hopgood. "The ambulance came. They laid him on the ground, and they were stuffing tubes down his mouth and he wasn't like really moving or responding or nothing."

According to the police report, a relative who got to the apartment before they did found the suspect trying to get the baby to drink some milk out of a bottle but he was lifeless.

"His body was real limp when they brung him out like his arms were just swinging and his head was back and his eyes was up, he wasn't blinking so we all actually thought that he was dead," Hopgood said.

"It is unclear exactly how the baby got its hands on or ingested the PCP," said Master Sergeant Gary Knight. "There was PCP found inside the residence."

Little Marcelius will be 2 in January.

His mom said he is still in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

His grandmother, Patty Prince, was arrested on charges of child endangerment and possession of drugs.

"I don't believe that anybody should have any kind of weapons, or drugs or anything around small children," said neighbor Barbara North. "If they ain't smart enough to keep the drugs up out of reach, then I don't know. But, I guess she got what she got coming to her."

Inside the bedroom of Prince’s apartment, police found “numerous empty vials of PCP and a couple of vials of PCP that still had liquid PCP inside them.”