Footage captures suspect stealing tractor in Weatherford

WEATHERFORD, Okla. - Randy Kimble is on a mission to find his stolen John Deere tractor and trailer.

The construction equipment was stolen from his Weatherford property last Friday around midnight.

"It's something that I have to have to do my job," Kimble said.

Kimble said he uses the tractor for just about anything and everything, and he can't believe someone stole it.

"This was Friday morning, the guys actually beat me to the job site. And he thought maybe I came and got the tractor without saying anything to him. He texted me and asked me if I came and got it and I thought he was joking with me at first," Kimble said.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a joke. Both the tractor and trailer were gone, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

"We did have a couple of images of it and we can tell it was a maroon pickup. And it made a couple laps trying to scope it out and he finally we went in. He was there for about an hour trying to get the tractor unlocked. He broke into it and he had to move the tractor on the trailer," Kimble said.

Tire marks and footprints were the only things left at the scene.

The family posted the photos on social media with a $20,000 reward in hopes of capturing the thief and getting the property back.

"If I was to buy it new, it would be between $60,000 and $70,000," Kimble said.

It's a price he hopes he doesn't have to pay, so he has a message for the alleged suspect.

"I think they probably work so hard at what they're doing to avoid work that it would be easier if they just work, and make it harder for people trying to do that," said Kimble.

Weatherford police believe the same suspect maybe the same person that stole another trailer near Kimble's property.

If you know any information that can help lead to an arrest, call Weatherford police.