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Plumber allegedly caught on camera stealing copper from remodeling site

GUTHRIE, Okla. - A contract plumber was caught on camera stealing copper wire from a remodeling site where he worked.

"Some people just steal," Jim Case, owner of Case Electric Company, told News 4.

Case said this is the last thing he needed right before the holidays.

"We were doing a remodel on the south side of the city here, had gone in, and originally the place had been hit and they had stolen the copper tubing from the HVAC guys. So, we boarded up the front door, and put a latch on the front door and locked it down," Case said.

However, that didn't stop the thief. It happened again not once, but two more times.

"At first, they went under the building and stole everything from under it. So, I wired everything above the floor so that they couldn't get to it again, and they still stole it," Case said.

So, Case decided to purchase surveillance cameras to, hopefully, catch the culprit.

"I️t had to almost be an inside job," Case said.

Turns out, he was right. Surveillance footage captured 37-year-old Dustin Farrow, a contract plumber, in the act.

"We kept a key hidden on site for the contractors, and they would come get it and get into the house for work," Case said.

Come night time, Farrow, allegedly, would strike. He stole copper wire and destroyed a hard day of work for Case and his team, costing him around $4,000.

Police were easily able to track Farrow down because he'd been in and out of pawn shops over in Oklahoma City.

"You gotta be vigilant, and the cops can't be everywhere. That's why we set up the cameras, because the cops can't be everywhere," Case said.

Farrow was arrested on charges of entering with intent to steal copper and burglary in the second degree.

Back in 2010, he pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamine as well as several possession charges.

Back in 2014, he pleaded guilty to transmitting a threatening letter.