“Nowadays, you can’t trust anybody,” Warrant issued for woman who was paid for home repairs she never did

ORLANDO, Okla. - A woman is wanted by police after she was paid to do work she never even started.

It started when Raelene Neighbors woke up one morning to discover her backyard was flooded due to an issue with a pipe.

"I'm talking, my yard looked like a pond," Neighbors said.

She and her husband looked for help on the website "Thumbtack.com," which connects people who need help with those offering service.

"I got on Thumbtack and instantly, Cassandra Smith popped up," Neighbors said.

Smith came over and tried to do work, but didn't get anywhere. She told the Neighbors family she needed more equipment and a $1,000 deposit.

"You know, $1,000 may not be a lot to some people, but it is," Neighbors said.

The couple reluctantly agreed.

"She promised that she would be back in two days to repair it with the equipment," Neighbors said.

But Smith never showed up, and for weeks the family got nothing but excuses and dodged phone calls.

Finally, they went to the sheriff's office.

"We do get quite a bit of these where people do home repair fraud," said Lt. Shawn Lewellyn. "Where people charge people and they pay them and they don't finish the work."

Nearly a year passed and Smith didn't repay the couple, so a warrant was issued for Cassandra Smith's arrest. She is now being charged with home repair fraud.

The Neighbors are hoping to get their money back, and an apology.

"You learn from your mistakes," Neighbors said. "You want to trust people but nowadays, you can't trust anybody."

Police suggest before hiring someone to do work on your home, do research on them, and write up a contract.