There’s a new French bakery coming to Capitol Hill

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A third generation southside Oklahoma City resident plans to open a French bakery in Capitol Hill thanks to a grant that was approved by the Oklahoma City Council.

Sara Miller is a general manager at Coolgreens, and she's worked at several high-end restaurants around town.

Pastries are her passion.

Miller plans to bring her love of refined sugar to Capitol Hill.

She's named her sweet shop, Confection, and she's eyeing the 300 block of S.W. 25th St.

The area is on the mend after decades of economic depression.

This week, Miller was approved for a commercial district revolving loan fund by the Oklahoma City Council.

"The beauty of this business is that it's really starting as a part of the small business development leading," said Ward 4 Councilman Todd Stone.

Miller's loan provides $35,000 of federal money from HUD.

The funding is part of a loan program designed by Oklahoma City to spur economic development and create jobs.

"Every big business started as a small business," said OKC Associate Planner Amanda Alewine. "Somebody started every one of our large businesses."

The funding is available to small business start-ups to help them take root in Oklahoma City's commercial districts.

"We're looking at bringing in retail-type businesses to our commercial districts to strengthen the momentum that's already going," Alewine said.

Miller is a Capitol Hill High School graduate, and she knew that the area would be perfect for her business.


"There's a lot going on right there, and it's really exciting," Miller said.

She expects to open up Confection around Valentine's Day.

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