‘Security Alert’ scam still targeting Bank of America customers

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EDMOND, Okla. - A supposed 'Security Alert' from Bank of America has Carol Thomas on alert.

“It’s made out to 'Dear Customer,'" she said.

It just so happens Thomas is a Bank of America customer.

“’We request that you complete this quick verification process,’" Thomas said. “That always gets me. I will not click on a link.”

At first glance, the email looks like the real thing donning the official Bank of America logo and says something about a system upgrade and wants you verify your account.

It even tries to convince you it is normal for BOA to ask for your account number, card pin and social security ID in email messages.

Do what Thomas did and say no to the link, because they're trying to lure you to a phishing site to steal your private info, like your banking account login and password.

Bank of America will not ask you to verify information by email due to system upgrades.

With all of the recent security breaches, Thomas said she’s on alert and took it a step further signing up for identity theft protection.

“I went out and registered with Equifax that had the big breach, and then I signed up for LifeLock for my husband and I both, anything that changes in our account, we're notified on immediately,” Carol said.

  • Delete suspicious emails.
  • Before you enroll for identity theft protection, weigh the costs and benefits of the services out there.
  • Report scam to Bank of America.
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