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Oklahoma City residents on alert after several windows shot out with BB guns

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police in Oklahoma City are warning residents to be on alert after receiving several reports of windows being shot out by a suspect with a BB gun on Thanksgiving.

During the early morning hours of Nov. 23, officers were called to a home near S. Central Ave. and S.E. 23rd St. after the homeowner said someone with a BB gun shot out the back driver’s side window of their vehicle.

Several hours later, officers were called to a home near S.E. 18th St. and S. Fairmont Ave. after someone shot out the windows of two vehicles.

Less than an hour later, police were called to another report of BB gun damage near E. Grand Blvd. and S. Eckroat St.

While heading to that call, authorities spotted a vehicle parked a couple blocks away with the same type of damage. Police stopped at the home and alerted the homeowner that they were also targeted by the suspect.

Now, police are warning homeowners to be on alert, and call them if you notice anything suspicious.

This isn’t the first time police have been called this month to reports of windows being shot out with BB guns.

On Nov. 18, police were called to N.W. 81st and McKinley after as many as 20 car windows were shot out with a low-powered BB gun.

"I was in the house watching TV and all of a sudden I heard a strange noise outside so me and my wife come outside," Joey Reedie told News 4. "I seen an SUV driving up the street real slow and then I heard a noise, sounded like a skateboard hitting the ground but some little kids I guess popping windows in peoples cars... All the windows are the same so we are thinking some little neighborhood kids up to no good."

At this point, officials say there is no evidence that this case is related to the latest BB gun shootings.