Police trying to track down possible clients after alleged prostitute arrested for intending to transfer HIV

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BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Authorities in Broken Arrow are now searching for people who may have had sexual contact with a woman who tested positive for HIV.

Police say it all started when a confidential source went into a spa near E. Kenosha and S. 177th East Ave. in Tulsa. Once inside, the source met Walter Brazington, Jr., who said that ‘therapists’ in the spa work for tips. Brazington also allegedly said that only two of his girls had been arrested in three years for prostitution.

When officers served a search warrant at the spa, they reportedly found a customer in the middle of an illicit act with Tiffany Roach.

Brazington was arrested on a complaint of running a house of prostitution, and Roach was arrested on complaints of lewdness and intending to transfer HIV.

Now, police are hoping to find possible clients and warn them about possibly being exposed to HIV.

During the investigation, officers took note of several vehicles that were seen near the spa. Investigators tell FOX 23 that they are beginning to send out letters to the vehicle owners.

“The Broken Arrow Police Department recently arrested an employee of this business for knowingly transmitting an infectious disease. The Broken Arrow Police Department is working closely with citizens to improve the quality of life in our community. If you have any questions or would like more information about our efforts to reduce crime, fear and disorder in Broken Arrow, please call the Special Investigations Unit at 918-451-8200 ext. 8793,” the letter reads in part.

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