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Teenager saves student from choking during school bus ride

WENTZVILLE, Mo. – A Missouri teenager is being credited with saving a girl’s life after he jumped into action on a school bus.

Kaelie Burk was on her way home from school when someone tossed a quarter toward the back of the bus.

“It, I guess, happened to land in my throat,” she told KSDK.

Just a few seats away, Austin Medlock saw that Burk was starting to choke.

Immediately, Medlock rushed over to Burk and performed the Heimlich Maneuver.

“It didn’t get the quarter all the way out but at least she was able to breathe,” he said.

X-rays showed that Heimlich Maneuver turned the quarter in Burk’s throat, allowing her to breathe. Doctors were eventually able to remove it.

“They said if he wouldn’t have given me the Heimlich, I would not be here,” she said. “I think that he’s my hero.”

Medlock’s mother says she is especially thankful that he was paying attention to his surroundings.

“Austin has autism spectrum disorder, and just to know that he was in tune with what was going on on a rowdy bus is amazing to me. And he did exactly what you’re supposed to do,” Jeanie Blizzard said.