Baker Mayfield speaks out after offensive line passed over for award

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NORMAN, Okla. – Although the University of Oklahoma is in the race for the College Football Playoffs, an outspoken player is frustrated about his teammates being left out as finalists for an award.

On Wednesday, officials announced the three finalists for the Joe Moore Award. The Joe Moore Award goes to the nation’s top offensive line and is the only major college football award to honor an entire group of players.

Despite being ranked in the top 5, the University of Oklahoma wasn’t listed as a finalist.

The Sooners were passed over for the offensive linemen of Alabama, Notre Dame and Auburn.

On Wednesday, OU quarterback Baker Mayfield put out a pair of tweets regarding the Joe Moore Award.

“Not having OUr offensive line as a finalist for the best in the country is blasphemy. I’m dumbfounded as to how you can actually leave them out of that conversation. Actually watch the games and see who dominates every game. It’s a shame my boys don’t get the credit they deserve. That being said… even though they won’t win the award. I would never pick anybody else. I know who the best O Linemen in the country are. They live in Norman,” Mayfield wrote.

The Sooners will take on No. 11 TCU on Saturday for the Big 12 Championship.

Kickoff is set for 11:30 a.m.

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