Metro man says Academy made big mistake when selling him a gun

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EDMOND, Okla. - Brendan Green went to the Edmond Academy a few days before thanksgiving to purchase a .22 rifle.

He wanted to use it to go shooting with his brother.

It was his first time purchasing a firearm, and there were no problems.

He walked out of the store approximately 30 minutes later with his firearm in hand.

But, he got a call from the store first thing the next morning.

"He's like 'We're going to need you to bring that firearm back as soon as you can. You were not supposed to leave the store with that firearm, and we messed up,'” Green said.

Green was told he was actually on “delayed” status and they had made a mistake letting him take it.

Green and his brother recorded the encounter when he returned the gun a couple days later.

You can hear the employee handling the return saying “He screwed up. And, I apologize for that.”

"It was like, okay, I'm a law abiding citizen. But, what if I hadn't been? You know, what if I was somebody that had some more sinister plans in mind?" Green said.

On the video, the employee agrees with Green when he says this is a big mishap.

“Yes, it is, very big, yes. And, it should not have been given out to you,” the employee says.

"Yeah, the most concerning thing about it is, you know, with all the gun controversy going on right now, the last thing a respectable gun owner like myself wants is any more gun laws,” Green said.

Four days after returning the gun, Green found out he had passed the background check and was able to go back to the store and purchase the rifle for the second time.

The communications director for Academy sent us this statement about the incident"

"While we can’t comment on specifics, we apologize that this sale was not handled in a way that was consistent with our policies. We are conducting an internal review of the incident and are taking steps to reinforce proper sales procedures."

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