Woman, child killed in Holdenville house fire

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - A woman and child died after getting trapped in a house fire early Wednesday morning.

It happened at about 5 a.m. at a home on South Hinckley Street.

The man living there, Paul Lindley Jr., woke up his neighbor Willy Sanford, and Sanford's daughter, Ski.

"He knocked on the door, we came outside, the house was on fire and he said, 'Willy, please call the fire department, my house is on fire. My baby`s still in there,'" Sanford said.

They called 911 and rushed to find the house up in flames with a child and woman trapped inside.

"It wasn`t just a little bitty house fire, it was engulfed," Ski said. "There was huge deals of smoke in the air and debris falling everywhere."

Lindley was taken to the hospital to get burns on his face and body treated. He told emergency crews he was burned trying to rescue his young daughter from inside.

"He was saying his baby was in there and everything. We kept trying to ask him, 'Paul, is there anybody else in the house? We need to know.' And he just couldn`t speak," Ski said. "He was just shaking, just rocking back and forth."

Another witness we spoke to was told by officers not to speak to the media. However, he told us off-camera that he could hear screams coming from inside the home. He kicked in the door, but the heat knocked him off his feet.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and authorities have not yet released the identities of the victims.

Neighbors who said they know both are heartbroken.

"It`s just crazy that this could happen to someone you know," Ski said. "You make sure to hold your loved ones tight at night and tell them you love them because this could happen to anyone."

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