4 Our Vets: Event seeks to hire our heroes

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Department of Veteran's Affairs is alerting veterans to a job hiring event in the coming weeks.

The agency says it will have a hiring event for veterans on Dec. 14 in Norman at the Oklahoma Army National Guard facility.

From 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., veterans will be able to meet with 65 employers.

Organizers say that some employers will be hiring veterans on site.

Warren Griffis, the ODVA veterans employment director, says that hiring a veteran pays off in many ways. Griffis says that veterans are usually well disciplined, are able to adapt to different environments, are loyal, dedicated and safety conscious.

Part of the problem is getting enough veterans to come to the event.

"If you show up, if you come to these events, there's a good chance you'll get an interview. If you get an interview, there's a pretty good chance with enough interviews that you're going to get a job offer,"  said David Crow, outreach and information officer with Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development.

To become preregistered for the event, visit the Oklahoma Military Connection's website.