“Hide, Lock, Take,” Norman police advise drivers to keep an eye out during holiday season 

NORMAN, Okla. -  Holiday shopping can be stressful; from the huge hassle with the traffic, the lines, and crowds at the mall. But, the Norman Police Department has a plan to help you from getting a huge headache when you get back to the parking lot.

"Hide, Lock, Take" signs have been posted in high-traffic shopping areas.

Police estimate 80% of break-ins are done on unlocked cars, and a majority of car thefts happen when keys are left in the vehicle.

"We encourage not leaving anything behind but if you do have to leave something behind, make sure that it's not in plain view. Make sure that you are locking your car and taking your keys," said Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department.

The holidays also come with colder weather, bringing up another car security issue - warming up the car in the driveway.

"We see it every year when we have that first really cold morning. We’ll see 10 to 20 cars stolen that morning alone. So, we always tell people to warm up with their cars. Don’t create an easy opportunity to a bad start to your morning," said Jensen.

Jensen says if Norman residents want signs for their businesses or residential areas to give police a call.

Norman police want all Normanites to "Hide, Lock, Take."