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Petition seeking income tax increase for education falls short by 1,000 signatures

OKLAHOMA CITY – A petition that was seeking to increase educational funding through a local income tax does not have the necessary signatures to move forward with a public vote.

The petition called for a half-percent income tax on most Oklahoma City residents to raise money for annual stipends for teachers, school nurses and support personnel at local public schools. The tax would have expired after four years and would not be levied on low-income residents.

Officials say the petition needed 11,991 legally sufficient signatures to trigger a public vote.

The petition, which was submitted on Nov. 9, contained 16,998 signatures.

However, officials say only 10,821 of the signatures were legally sufficient, which is about 1,000 short of the required number.

Officials say signatures were rejected if they didn’t provide a post office address, were not registered voters or failed to provide their street and home address.