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Police arrest accused ATM skimmer suspects

OKLAHOMA CITY - A bank security guard caught two men trying to retrieve a skimmer from an ATM.

It started at the Bank of Oklahoma on Penn and Northwest Expressway and ended near I-44, not too far from Rudy Parsons' home.

"The police told me to stay inside the house. I saw him out here," said Parsons.

Parsons recalls watching one suspect outside his home.

The suspect allegedly tried to run from police. He hopped over a fence and ran towards I-44.

"They [officers] went through my backyard and looked and found him down two or three houses," Parsons said.

The suspect's run from the law was short-lived, though.

Police said he's one of two men who were caught trying to remove an ATM skimmer from the bank. The men were later identified as Cosmin Chelarescu and Vasile Gheti.

"Turns out, it was a security guard at a bank not too far away who saw a couple suspects messing with one of the ATM's, either putting on, or removing a skimmer device," said Msgt. Gary Knight.

The bank security guard noticed the odd behavior. However, when he approached the suspects, they drove off. So, the security guard hopped in his car and followed and a gunshot was fired.

"I never heard a gunshot in real life before so, I wasn't sure," said Julia Green.

Green was working at a nearby bookstore when the car chase ended right in front of her at 50 Penn Place.

"An undercover police officer and the security from Penn Square hopped over and I pointed them and direction where he went, and then the building went on lockdown for about two hours," said Green.

The gunshot Green heard was apparently an accident when the security guard took the first suspect in custody.

"When the car finally stopped over by 50 Penn Place, he was trying to take one of them to custody, his gun discharged accidentally, it did not hit anybody," Knight said.

Nearby residents and business owners are just thankful both suspects are now behind bars.

"I felt really relieved when I saw them loading him in the car," Parsons said.

The Secret Service will now take over the investigation.